Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hey guiseee! :) I went in tonight to HootHootHoooters! For orientation! Alright, so that stack of papers I had to sign was amazing haha. I signed my name so many times that it started looking funny! It took like 30 minutes tops. Then the one manager Old guy was talking to me about the hooters image and how not just anybody can get hired, how as a hooters girl you gotta be done up blahblahblah basically what I know, you know, I'm gonna guess everyone has a jist of it! So he goes on about creepers too and obviously he will step in when needed to ban people and or call cops. Awesome, i figured but the security of him saying it makes me feel even better! Then....drumrolllll.....he handed me my uniform! My shoes, my shorts, my shirt, my apron thing, tights and socks haha!! But I got the black uniform. There wasnt anymore of the iconic orange shorts and white top. Plus my aprons brown not black so that's just mismatched (since I have the black one) but heyyyy I prefer the black one. Looks nicer lol. So drumroll again...I put it on and...I felt fat hahaha. Those shorts and tanks make even me, a size 0 pants size 2/4 dress and top (also small or xsmall)feel grossss. But whateves! At least my shorts cover mah buttocks! I don't feel as naked haha! So awesomeness. Uniform feels great. I feel great and OHMAHGAWD. I almost forgot to say....that I told my dad! Somewhat. Still counts though haha. I told him I may work at a restaurant near the hooters, and that blondie (boyfriends sister) was telling me to work there which led me to saying alllll the awesome pro's of being a hooters employee. Now I don't believe my dad knows what the uniform is, but I won't bring it up haha, but he said why don't I just work at hooters so...hah I'll run with it! But..I won't really say I work there until after Christmas. So I can avoid my family saying crap to me or to my parents. No point in ruining Christmas right? Well. That's all! I'll post when I'm done with my first training day which may be Saturday! Or Tuesday haha. Don't know yet! Thanks for reading :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

The story...

Me being a hooters girl did not just come to me one day. It was a thought that grew over a period of months.
It started with my boyfriends twin sister, who I will call blondie, working at hooters.
Sometime in June or July blondie had told me and my boyfriend she applied...he being her brother, was just baffled and he immediately called his dad (which looking back on it makes me laugh!). At first, their parents were not happy at all..they got over it and now lete jump to now. December 13, 2011. Well, it's 12:05 the 14th but still.
So blondies old best friend whose isn't even deserving of a nickname (I doubt she will be mentioned again) was caught (late) helping blondies ex boyfriend cheat. So she transferred.

Now let's go to me, haha.
I am a licensed hair stylist who is building her clientele making decent money. But being surrounded by stylists who have been at it for awhile, my money looked like $h!t compared to theirs.

So, I have openly admired the amount of money blondie brings home and how the orange shorts wield power, but my boyfriend always gave me the "don't even try it" look. I never took the thought seriously...then before blondies old best friend transferred, he told me I should work there and make some money to help supplement my hairstyling career and school (I also attend a community college for business). It shocked me, but it was cool to hear for some reason.

Now, my boyfriend and I kept throwing the idea back and forth to one another and then once we both were fine with it asked blondie if Hooters would hire me if my availability was only 3 days. She said yes. And the roller coaster began.

Roller coaster? Yeah, a roller coaster. Of emotions. It suddenly became more real to me that I could be a hooters girl. So many thoughts raced through my head! What will my dad think? (I had brought up the idea to my mom, just not my dad), will I be uncomfortable wearing the uniform? Will I be okay with the guys staring at me like I'm a piece of meat?! Is this going against my
Morals? My ethics? Along with those were the "Oh my god, I am going to be A Hooters Girl!" the money, the fun, the minimal work ect. I will tell you why you will know me as stumbled.
While at my stylist job, I was texting blondie. She told me one of the managers (name will be ravens since he loves them) will help me get hired so long as I applied. So of course I asked when should I apply...I didn't think it would be anytime soon. She replied back with "today around 3? I'll be in". Here I am, at my other job wearing jeans, target moccasins, a hoodie, and I didn't have my extensions in! (some days I wear clip in extensions)
I was a Hot Mess. The true definition. At least to hooters managers! But, I still came in after work (just so happened to be off at 3). And I got the 2nd interview after filling out the application! WoopWoop! So yeah, not a typical interview (sorry to nervous applicants!)
Then came my 2nd interview, this time with a different manger who I will name old guy, he isn't that old, he just looks old to me. Now, I was nervous even though blondie told me I would get it (however she also said to smile tons and wear clip ins because old guy is tougher). 10 minutes later (about 5 of it was him in the back talking to some guy)I am hired!

I sign all the papers and get my uniform on Wednesday! Super super excited!

That's all for tonight, I'll post a blog tomorrow to showcase my excited mess and nervousness (still haven't told my dad or mom that I will fersureee be a hooters girl).
Thanks sosososoooo much for checking my blog out and reason this long long post!


Hello! I will introduce myself as Stumbled; a hooters girl who somehow stumbled upon working at, well, hooters!
As of today I was hired and all that's left before training is orientation!
I will fill you guys in with my next blog post!

Thanks for checking my blog out! I hope it won't bore you all to death or question why you're reading this still haha :)